Use a license server without License Administrator

Introduction to License Administrator

The License Administrator is the license server management application provided by Golden Software. It works in tandem with the Sentinel RMS License Manager to serve concurrent use licenses to computers on a network. It is strongly recommended, but not required, that system administrators install the Golden Software License Administrator on the server computer.


License Administrator key functions

  • Activate: Enables the activation of concurrent use licenses on your license server 
  • Manage: Allows you to view details about your concurrent use licenses
  • Status: Provides a real-time view of current license usage
  • Deactivate: Facilitates the deactivation of concurrent use licenses
  • Usage Information: Offers insights into historical license usage
  • Settings: Lets you select the license server to view/manage and check for updates to the License Administrator application

Please note that if the License Administrator is not installed, it is not possible to activate the software directly on the server. Instead, an offline activation request will need to be submitted to Golden Software's support team.


Use a license server without License Administrator

While the installation of the License Administrator is not obligatory, its integration offers a superior software management experience. Sentinel RMS utilities and third-party tools exist for viewing and tracking license usage should you decide not to install the License Administrator. Please note, our support capabilities are most effective and extensive when the License Administrator is utilized, adnd while we can provide access to Sentinel RMS utilities, our support team can offer only limited support using these tools.

For a detailed understanding or further assistance, please refer to our License Administrator help page.



Updated September 2023

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