Why is the Usage Information tab grayed out in the License Administrator?

There are a few reason why the Usage Information may not be available in the License Administrator:

  • You are running an older version (1.0) of the License Administrator. To resolve this:
    1. Select the Settings tab in the License Administrator.
    2. Click the button Check for Updates.
    3. Download and install the latest version of the License Administrator.
  • The server machine is running a 32-bit operating system and the logfile path is defined incorrectly. The default logfile location is defined based on a 64-bit operating system. Follow the steps below to define the correct log file path for a 32-bit system:
    1. Select the Settings tab in the License Administrator.
    2. In the RMS Usage logfile path field, enter C:\Windows\System32\lservsta
  • The system administrator may have defined a different default file location for the logfile. Follow the steps below to find the default location and update the License Administrator settings:
    1. Navigate to Control Panel\System and Security\System.
    2. Click the Advanced system settings option.
    3. In the System Properties dialog, click Environment Variables.
    4. In the Environment Variables dialog, scroll through the list in the System variables section and click on LSERVOPTS, if present.
    5. Look for "-l <usage-log-file>" in the LSERVOPTS value.  Make note of the path shown after the "-l".
    6. Open the License Administrator and click the Settings tab.
    7. Enter the file path from step 5 in the RMS Usage logfile path field.

    If the LSERVOPTS environment variable is not defined, the location of the logfile may have been defined by the software distributor that last provided RMS server software.
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