Using the software while disconnected from the network

Golden Software products operate seamlessly without network or internet access. For single user licenses, internet is only essential for activation (if you need to perform an offline activation, please see this page). To use the a single user license offline or in the field, no additional steps are needed. 

Concurrent use licenses require you to check-out a seat for offline usage. Detailed steps for checking out and returning licenses are provided below.

Check out a concurrent use license seat

Please follow these steps to check-out a concurrent use license seat (also know as commuter license):

  1. Click File | License Info.
  2. In the License Information window, click Check Out License.
  3. In the Days to Commute dialog, enter the number of days you will require the license without reconnecting to the server and then click OK.


Check in a concurrent use license seat

When you return from the field and no longer require offline access to the software, it is best practice to return the commuter seat immediately. Please follow these steps to check-in a concurrent use license seat.

  1. Click File | License Info.
  2. In the License Information window, click Check In License.
Note: Licenses can be commuted for no more than 30 days and your system administrator can prohibit commuting. The commuted seat will be unavailable to other users until the checkout period has expired or until the seat is checked back in to the server. 


Further assistance

If you need further assistance with checking out/in a concurrent license seat, please reach out to our Customer Success Team and our legendary support agents will help you with the check-out/check-in process.

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