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Activate your software on an offline computer

In today's diverse computing landscape, not every user operates within a consistently connected environment. Some Golden Software users might work in remote locations, secure facilities, or on systems with intermittent internet access. In such scenarios, the standard online activation process might not be feasible. Requesting an offline activation allows these users to seamlessly activate and utilize their Golden Software products without the need for a direct internet connection.

Please navigate to the appropriate section below, and follow the directions provided for activating your software offline.


Table of Contents

Activate a single user license on an offline computer

Activate a concurrent use license on an offline server

Activate an older version of Surfer and Grapher on an offline computer

Further assistance


It is also possible to activate a concurrent use license on an offline server computer or on a server with strict firewall and security requirements.  However, a computer with an internet connection is required to download the server software and email our support team.  Please complete the steps below and then contact us to complete an offline activation for your concurrent use license(s).

  1. Install the Sentinel RMS License Manager and Golden Software License Administrator software on the offline server computer.  Both can be downloaded from the Golden Software downloads page.  We recommend installing the latest versions of these applications whenever possible
  2. Locate your product key(s)
  3. Open the Golden Software License Administrator and click Activate
  4. Enter your product key and then click Create offline activation request at the bottom of the Activate window

  5. In the Browse For Folder dialog, select a location to save the file and click OK
  6. Click OK in the message stating the file has been created
  7. Contact us requesting an offline activation and include the Offline Activation Request text file created above


Activate an older version of Surfer and Grapher on an offline computer

If you are running Surfer 14.1 or older, Grapher 12.5 or older, please follow the steps below to request an offline activation.

  1. Install the software on the offline computer
  2. Go to an online PC and download the Wechoid tool at
  3. Transfer the EXE to the offline computer
  4. Double-click Wechoid.exe to open the tool
  5. In the Wechoid dialog, uncheck all options except Ethernet AddressCPU Info String, and UUID
  6. The Selector value should be 0x3010. If you see a different value here, verify the correct boxes are checked
  7. Make note of the Host Name and Code or take a screen shot of the dialog
  8. Contact Golden Software technical support requesting an offline activation.  Please provide the Host Name and Code from the Wechoid tool as well as your Product key(s)


Further assistance

If you need further assistance with offline activation instructions, please reach out to our Customer Success Team and our legendary support agents will help get your software activated promptly, so you can use your software as soon as possible.

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