How can I define the color for each post map symbol in the Surfer worksheet?

The color for each point or symbol in a post map can be defined in the worksheet using a color column.  Define a color for each point in the worksheet using the color name or an RGB or RGBA color classification in an empty column.  Then follow the steps below to assign the color column to the post map.

  1. Click the Post layer in the Contents window to select it.
  2. Click the Symbol tab in the Properties window.
  3. In the Symbol Color section, click the current value in the Color column field and select the appropriate worksheet column.
  4. Click the current value in the Color method field and select Explicit color names.

Surfer: Define the symbol color of a post map in the Properties window

Surfer: Properties window showing symbol properties and resulting Post Map.


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Updated October 26, 2018

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