How to extend the plot area for large graphs in Grapher

To expand the page edges so your graph fits on the page, click File | Page Setup. In the Page Setup dialog, click the Paper Size drop-down menu to choose a new paper size. If the desired page size is not listed, choose Custom to enter a new size. 


Updated October 2, 2018

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    Darren Chan

    Page Setup doesn't allow changing of page edge - only page margins

    1. Functionality to change pages edges is not available in v12?
    2. Is there another procedure to change Page Edges and/or add more than the default page sizes?
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    Katie Yoder

    Hi Darren,

    Grapher does not currently support setting a custom page size.  I have added your vote for this functionality to our suggestion file.  In the meantime, I find that changing the printer to a PDF print driver tends to provide more page size options.  To change the printer that Grapher is pulling available page sizes from, click the Printer button in the Page Setup dialog, select the desired printer, and click OK.



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