Update GRF Data File Paths to a New Directory in Grapher

When opening a GRF, Grapher looks in the following locations in the following order for the data sheet associated with the graph:

  1. The relative or absolute Worksheet path, if one is specified in File | Options | General (Tools | Options | General in older versions).
  2. The path that was stored to the worksheet in the GRF file.
  3. In the same directory as the GRF file.

If the worksheet is not found, you'll be prompted for it. Alternatively, if all the worksheets in your graph use the same data file, you can use the Graph Tools | Worksheet | Change command to update the file path for all data files associated with all the plots. If your data sheets are in different locations, you'll need to update them one by one.


If you need to embed your worksheet data into your Grapher project, you may save your file in Grapher's GPJ format instead.


Updated May 2023

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