I get a FATAL ERROR when trying to load my Strater DXF file into AutoCAD/TrueView 2017

AutoCAD changed entity handling between versions 2016 and 2017 which broke the import of our DXF files. To be specific, Autodesk is now using the high bits of the 32-bit entity handles for something other than normal entity handles, so any DXF file that contains a handle number that is 0x04000000 or larger now crashes their application. We have applied a fix for this AutoCAD change in Strater 5, but it was not added into Strater 4. There is a simple workaround though to modify our DXF files so they load in AutoCAD 2017. 


  1. Open the DXF in a text editor program like Notepad.
  2. Find these lines near the top of the DXF file:
  3. Change the number 4000000 to 2800000.
  4. Save the changed DXF file. It should now load into AutoCAD 2017 without crashing.


Updated November 17, 2016

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