What's New in Strater 5?

Strater 5 takes well log, borehole and cross section plotting to a new level in ease of use. Strater users will experience major improvements in every aspect of functionality to increase log production speed and quality. The major additions and changes are highlighted in this section.

New raster logs

Import depth-registered raster logs, import unregistered raster logs and then depth-register them and pick layer tops, and create cross sections from raster logs. Strater 5 makes it easy to take your paper logs and use them with digital data to make informed decisions.

After importing an unregistered raster log from a TIF or other image file, easily depth-register it in a few simple steps so it is properly depth-located relative to your other logs.

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User interface enhancements

Find commands more easily with the new ribbon bar user-interface. Additionally, use the new Table Manager to simplify your project, navigate to properties more confidently with the redesigned Property Manager tabs, and use the new Welcome to Strater dialog to quickly and easily begin a new project or recall an existing one.

Quickly create and customize your borehole, map, and cross section views with the intuitive new ribbon bar interface, the new welcome dialog, and the new/redesigned managers.

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Fill Style Editor and Manager

Strater 5 has added even more customization opportunity with the new Fill Style Editor and Fill Style Manager. Use the Fill Style Editor to create and save custom fill styles, and then view and manage predefined and custom fill styles in the Fill Style Manager.

Create multi-layered custom fill styles with the new Fill Style Editor, and then manage those custom fill styles and the predefined fill styles in the Fill Style Manager.

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Line/Symbol log improvements

Strater 5 has added much functionality to line/symbol logs. You can now add new curves to existing line/symbol logs so that all overlain logs are moved and optionally scaled together, and you can link the scale bar line color to the log line color.

Add additional curves to existing line/symbol logs with a click of the mouse, and automatically set the scale bar line color to the log line color to fully customize your line/symbol logs.

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Add well to cross section

Forgot to add a specific well to your cross section? Not sure what combinations of wells the client wants to see? No problem! Strater 5 allows for the addition of wells to pre-existing cross sections. Just edit your well selector line and then click the Recreate button for the cross section, or else create a new well selector line and choose it for your cross section.

Simply choose a new well selector to update your cross section with the new wells.

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Water Level

Display water level symbols on your logs without having to overlay post logs, and connect the water level symbols on cross section logs with a water level line to give the most accurate representation of the subsurface.

Any number of water level symbols from a depth table can be displayed on logs, and these symbols can be connected with a customizable line on a cross section.

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Customize headers/footers by page

Display a larger header pane on the first page, and display certain header/footer information only on the first page, so you can include all the information you need on the first page, and then streamline subsequent pages to just include the basics.

Choose to show more detailed project information on just the first page in a larger header and then more abbreviated scale bars/log titles on subsequent pages in a smaller header.

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Miscellaneous log improvements

Strater 5 has added many improvements to log types, including the ability to have much bigger tick marks for depth logs, so you can show a depth grid across your view, and the ability to repeat complex text log items that straddle a page break on both pages.

Increase the tick length for depth logs to create a depth grid across cross sections or borehole logs.

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Show only legend entries that are in-use

Have a large library of scheme for your company? No problem! Strater 5 allows you to omit unused items by checking a box, so only the scheme items present in your current view are displayed.

Update your legend with only relevant information with the click of a button.

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New and improved Text Editor with date/time format builder

Exercise more control over your data than ever with the new Text Editor. Use the new Date/Time Format Builder to create custom dates and times in the exact format you want, or choose from the list of predefined formats for your region now that Strater automatically recognizes your computer’s locale.

Click the Insert Date/Time button in the improved Text Editor to open the new Date/Time Format Builder dialog, where you can mix and match predefined and custom dates and times.

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"End of log" line

Display a line at the end of your logs to indicate where the end of the hole was and separate out an area for additional notes.

Add an ‘end of log’ line to your cross section or borehole view to define where your hole ends.

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Keep cross section layer customization

Strater allows for the flexibility of reshaping cross section layers if the defaults don’t match your understanding of the subsurface, but certain actions cause the layers to be redrawn. Rather than being prompted each time the cross section will be redrawn, Strater 5 allows you to check one checkbox to always keep your customized cross section layers.

Completely customize your cross section layers and then, with one click keep the
customization through all other changes you make to the cross section.

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Improvements to cross sections from line logs

Strater 5 has added many improvements to cross sections from line logs that help you to get the exact output you need. These include the ability to show well traces as deviated, the ability to add linked scale bars to the logs, and the ability to draw layers horizontally across all logs.

Display line log cross sections with deviated boreholes and linked scale bars
to get a true picture of the subsurface.

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Linked text Hole ID filter

Have multiple boreholes in your borehole view? No problem! Strater now allows you to specify a Hole ID filter for applicable linked text items, so you don’t have to manually type what you’ve already entered into data tables.

Choose a Hole ID filter for linked text items to display linked text for multiple boreholes in one view.

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New and improved import/export formats

Take advantage of the newly available or enhanced import and export formats!

Import: Export:
  • Google Earth KML/KMZ
  • Zipped Shapefiles (e.g. SHP in TAR.GZ)
  • GPX GPS files
  • XML, LIC, and DRA registration files for raster logs
  • 56-bpp Landsat-based GeoTIFF
  • TIFF: Support for YCbCr color format
  • ECW/SID: Import without reducing resolution
  • ECW/SID: Import subset with default "Region selected for import" set to image extents
  • PDF: Increased DPI
  • MID: Open files in worksheet
  • Workaround to assign missing datum to TIFs with Popular Visualisation Sphere as the ellipsoid
  • TIF: Support for #383 flag indicating fourth channel is not alpha
  • GSI: Support raster and gradient fills
  • DAT/TXT: Added Locale options (Language and Date order) to Data Import Options dialog
  • Google Earth KML/KMZ
  • SVG Scalable Vector Graphic file
  • GeoJP2
  • JPEG2000 (JP2)
  • TIFF: Transparency support
  • PDF (Vector): Total transparency support
  • PDF (Vector): Compression option
  • PDF (Vector): Partial transparency support for image fill patterns
  • PDF (Raster): Page size option
  • GSI: Export symbol properties
  • GSI: Embed coordinate system
  • BLN: Add blanking flag option
  • DXF: Support rendered marker symbols
  • GSI: Support transparent curves/areas
  • Export cross section to Voxler: increased resolution
  • GSI: Improved alignment of multiple lines of text
  • EMF: reduction in output file size
  • SVG: reduction in output file size
  • Improved scaling of GDI+ stock patterns

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New and improved coordinate systems

Strater 5 has added the ability to search for a coordinate system by name or EPSG code in the Assign Coordinate System dialog. Additionally, it has added these new coordinate systems, projections, and datums:

  • SIRGAS-ROU98 / UTM zone 22S (EPSG 5383)
  • Sri Lanka grid systems
  • SVY21 coordinate system
  • NWS-84 datum
  • Europe UTM zone 29N using European 1950 - Port./Spain datum
  • Mount Eden Circuit 2000 projection
  • Sweref99 coordinate system
  • Posgar94 coordinate system for Argentina
  • More Australian grid coordinate systems
  • GCS Idaho Transverse Mercator
  • RGF93 / CC (zones 42-50) French coordinate system
  • French coordinate systems with one standard parallel (Lambert I-IV, France I-IV, Lambert Corse, Lambert Sud France, Lambert Centre France, Lambert Nord France, Nord De Guerre)
  • Jamaica National Grid
  • WGS84 Web Mercator (900913) and WGS84 Web Mercator (EPSG 3857)

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Additional Features

  • Save tab visibility to SDG file
  • Navigate to a specific page number
  • Bulk-edit shared properties for multiple objects at once
  • Import and save formatting in tables
  • Option to turn off case-sensitivity for schemes
  • Handles controlling log width now always in center of window
  • Rotate well header labels
  • Display well names at well bottoms or tops
  • Added Find/Find Next search bar to Well Selector Editor dialog

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For more new features of Strater 5, see the attached PDF: NewFeaturesOfStrater5. If you're interested in new features added into older versions, see the attached PDFs.

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