What’s New in Grapher 12?

What’s New in Grapher 12?

We have compiled a list of some of the top new features in Grapher 12. This list is only a small sampling of the new features added to Grapher 12.

Group stacked bars beside other stacked bars

Need to compare data from multiple sources at once? Need to also show individual options within each source? Try a combination stacked and adjacent bar chart. Create the individual options for each source as a set of stacked bar charts. Place the stacked bar charts beside each other, grouping similar options.

group and stack bar chartsGroup multiple stacked bar charts adjacent to each other to quickly compare options.

Flip the order of entries in the legend

Have a legend that is upside down from the order you want? Quickly flip the order with a single command!

Flip legend entry orderDisplay the legend entries in the order that is most meaningful to you! Don’t like either of the default options? Entries can be manually rearranged to any order you desire.

Show legend entries for only visible plots

Have a plot on the graph that you’ve decided to not display for this report? Don’t want to edit the legend to remove it, but don’t want to display it on the legend? No problem. Check the box and only visible plots are displayed in the legend.

Display only visible plots in legend

Update your legends with only relevant information with the click of a button.

Link colors to specific data values

Need to highlight certain parts of the graph to bring attention to a value? Set colors to start and end at specific X or Y values. Use hard breaks for color changes or a more gradational approach.

Set data values to specific colors

Define colors with data values to highlight information on the graph.

Create X = F(Y) function plots

New in Grapher 12 is the ability to create function plots where X is the dependent variable. Create straight vertical lines with ease, fill between functions for highlighting areas of interest in the graph, or create any mathematical function quickly with the many predefined equations.

Add vertical lines to the graph

Add vertical lines quickly with the new X function plots!

Create horizontal box-whisker plots

Need to display statistical information in a box-whisker format, but need to have the boxes long instead of tall? Grapher has the ability to present your data with just the look you need.

display box-whisker plots horizontally or vertically

Show box-whisker plots as horizontal or vertical to best suit your needs.

Control date/time values more efficiently

Display the dates and times in the format you want! Can’t find one that fits in the predefined list? Create your own to make your graph exactly the way you want.

Use the Date/Time Format Builder to set date/time formats

Customize the dates and times to show the information in any format you wish.

Automatically recognize the computer’s locale for easier date/time use

Let Grapher do the difficult work of recognizing date and time formats from around the world.

date/time labels appear automatically in your Windows locale format

Automatically display date in a format that is meaningful to you using your Windows default formats.

Change the file paths for all worksheets

Save time with less clicks! Have a project that you use over and over again, moving the files to new directories on your computer? No longer do you need to link each plot, text object, or axis to the new data file separately. Now, click a command and Grapher will change all worksheet references to the new directory for you!

Add additional dimension to your ternary graphs with the ternary bubble plot

Ternary diagrams display information from three variables. These plots are commonly used in the earth sciences to display relative frequency of various minerals in a sample. Now, with the ternary bubble plot, you can add a fourth and fifth variable to the graph! Colors can indicate one variable and bubble sizes another!

Display bubbles on ternary plots

Display bubbles of varying sizes on your ternary diagrams to add additional details to your sample information.

Add a title to color scales

Keep all your data together! Create a title for the color scale bar, so it moves with the bar or helps identify which scale bar is which when you have more than one.

Add titles to color scale bars

Add a title to your color scale bar to quickly understand the trends displayed on the graph.

Move legend titles and text to anywhere on the page

Sometimes the best location for your legend label is below the sample or above the sample. Sometimes, it is to the left or to the right. Sometimes, you need all of these options on the same legend. Now, getting the legend you want is much easier! Simply move the legend title or entry text to the new location to create the legend you want quickly.

move legend text

Move the legend text to the location that is best for your display.

Add your scripts directly to the Grapher ribbon bar

Make Grapher work for you! Have a process that you do repeatedly? Need a graph created and don’t want to go through all the steps to get it formatted for your report? Create a script that does it for you. Then, add the script to the toolbar. The next time you need to create or format the graph, you can simply click a button on the toolbar and Grapher will do all the work for you.

Add custom scripts to the toolbar

Add scripts that do the functions you need!

New and Improved Import Functions

Grapher is more compatible with the programs you use most. Import data and images from many formats. In addition to common formats, such as bitmap, Grapher has added or improved:

  • Added ECW files
  • Added data from Added LiDAR LAS and LAZ files
  • Added data from GPX files
  • Added data from MapInfo MID files
  • Improved AutoCAD DXF to better handle solid objects and text
  • Improved MrSID files to allow selection of the portion of the image you want to import
  • Improved MapInfo MIF files, to support more object types
  • Improved text and symbol import across all file types

New and Improved Export Functions

Get the graph you need in the format you desire! In addition to the existing formats, such as DXF, images, and PDF, Grapher has added or improved:

  • Added export all plot information to an ASCII data worksheet
  • Improved vector PDF export to include layers
  • Improved GSI format, to better export graphs from Grapher to any other Golden Software program
  • Improved fill patterns and colors across all file types
  • Improved SVG format, to make files smaller and easier to transfer
  • Improved EMF and WMF formats, for better resolution

Improved User Interface

Grapher continues to strive to make the user interface as easy to use as possible. You shouldn’t need to spend time searching for the right command or option. Some of the user interface improvements in Grapher 12 include:

  • All new command icons, utilizing colors and button size more effectively
  • Improved Welcome dialog, to quickly get you started in your Grapher work flows
  • Enhanced plot type default options
  • Improved worksheet features: A few of the new options include faster sorting; simple and complex pasting options; save transform equations, improved statistics, save to a multiple-sheet Excel file.


For more new features of Grapher 12, see the attached PDF: NewFeaturesOfGrapher12. If you're interested in new features added into older versions, see the attached PDFs. 


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