How can I move a map from one Surfer file to another?

A map can be moved from one SRF file to another by opening both files and copy/pasting the map from one SRF file to another. To do this:

  1. Open both Surfer files in the same Surfer window.
  2. If the map you wish to move has a linked object (like a scale bar, legend or color scale) and you do not want to copy those items over, delete them. If they exist, but are not copied with the map, a "Can't save linked object by itself" Surfer Warning will occur when you try to copy the map.
  3. Select the map you wish to move (in addition to any linked objects you want to copy with it) and click Ctrl+C to copy it.
  4. Click to the other plot tab.
  5. Click Ctrl+V to paste it. This will paste the entire map with all axes and layers exactly as it is formatted in the original file.
  6. If you deleted a linked object, you can now add it back to one or both projects.
  7. If you are pasting into a project that already contains maps, you may need to overlay them using the Map Tools | Map Tools | Overlay Maps command. 


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Updated November 5, 2018

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