What's New in Didger 5?

User Interface Enhancements!

Didger’s new user interface has been totally redesigned to make it even easier and faster to use! Changes in properties can be seen immediately on the screen after they are made, you can change the visibility of individual objects with the click of a button, and the enhanced Layer Manager allows all options to be quickly accessible. You can customize the toolbars and menus, and choose from 3 different application appearances!

The user interface has been completely overhauled to make it as easy as possible to access your layers and edit your objects! The menus have been reorganized to help you find editing tools faster and change map elements with just a few clicks. Projection and coordinate system information has been added to the status bar so you will always know what system you are working in.

Download Online Maps using Didger's New Embedded WMS Browser!

Create stunning base maps for your projects by downloading image layers from hundreds of free online web mappers services (WMS) through Didger's new, embedded WMS browser. Didger now allows you to connect to online data sources, pick the layers of interest you want to download, and then seamlessly matches the map's current projection and coordinate system and ingrates the images into your projects. 

Download online images with Didger's WMS download tool
Didger's new embedded WMS browser is quickly locating and downloading a high resolution image layer to use as a base map.

Export Your Projects to KML and KMZ Format to Publish Your Digitized Data on Google Earth!

Use Didger's extensive set of editing and drawing tools to digitize your data and create new base maps in Didger. Export your maps to KML and KMZ file formats to enable stunning displays of your projects on Google Earth. KML and KMZ files are extremely small in file size so they can be easily exchanged between users. The only application your recipient needs to have installed is Google Earth; which makes a great free viewer for your digitized Didger data.

Digitize your data in any projection and export to KML or KMZ format; Didger will transform your data to match Google Earth's projection on-the-fly so your digitized data overlay Google Earth in the precise location.

Didger is Now Available in a 64-bit Version Installation!

Harness the power of 64-bit Windows! Work with all of your larger data sets and large imagery without the worry of running out of memory. The 64-bit installation of Didger 5 gives you this power.

Full Transparency Control has been Added to All Map Objects Including Imagery!

See all of your data! You now will have full transparency control of imagery, fill patterns, colors, polygons, polylines, symbols, and text in Didger 5. Overlaying multiple layers of different data types is now more flexible with this great new feature. 

Create brilliant maps by overlaying multiple data and image layers without missing anything.

International Font Support!

You've waited long enough. All aspects of Didger now support international fonts and characters such as Chinese, Cyrillic, Arabic, Azerbaijani, Hungarian, and Hebrew! For example, you can set your draw text, labels, and attributes to any language. Customize your project with language your audience will understand. 

Effectively communicate your map to any audience. All aspects of Didger projects support international fonts. 

Extended File Format Support!

Didger now supports 30 new file formats! Just to name a few, Didger can now import and export Adobe PDF files including GeoPDF, XLSX and XLS import and export support has been added to Didger. JPEG-2000 import and export support has also been added. GPX Exchange format files can be imported. 

The Latest and Greatest Coordinate Support Library!

Didger 5 is now equipped with an updated coordinate and projection system library that has too many new projections, coordinate systems, and datums to list! Didger uses this robust library to reproject all incoming files on-the-fly; seamlessly matching them to the project's coordinate and projection system. All parameters of the library are fully accessible and adjustable, allowing for unlimited custom projection and coordinate system creation. 

Quickly and easily reproject files and imagery to hundreds of supported systems!

Additional New Features

Image Registration and Processing
  • Redesigned dialog that allows for resizing and a more accessible coordinate system section.
  • New projections and datums
Other Enhancements
  • Zoom, scroll, and pan the plot window using the mouse wheel.
  • Enhancements in the Text Editor, making editing font properties for individual characters easier
  • Improved selection handling
  • Copy and paste text directly into the plot window, creating a new text object.
  • All drawing tools are persistent by default, making it easier than ever to create multiple objects at once. 
And many more!




Updated March 8, 2018

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