How can I convert my SHP file and keep georeferencing and attributes?

To convert a SHP file (or other file with external supporting files) and keep the georeferencing and attribute information:

  1. Upload your SHP file by clicking and dragging it into the conversion box or clicking the Browse button and selecting it.
  2. Verify the Import Format is set to Vector - SHP ESRI Shapefile.
  3. Choose the Export Format.
  4. In the Options column, click the Import Options icon .
    1. Toggle External Reference File for the Coordinate System, then choose the reference file (PRJ, GSR, etc.) and click Open.
    2. Upload any additional external files (DBF, SHX, etc.) by clicking and dragging them into the External Files box or clicking the Browse button and selecting them.
    3. Click OK to close the Import Options dialog.
  5. In the Options column, click the Export Options icon .
    1. Set the Coordinate System and other export options for your output file.
    2. Click OK to close the Export Options dialog.
  6. Click the Convert button.
  7. Confirm your options and click Confirm.
  8. If the converted file(s) didn't download automatically, click to the My Files tab, select the converted files, and click Download.


Updated October 25, 2016

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