Do I have to be online to use the software?

Internet access is not required to run any of our software.  However, internet access is required to activate the software and receive any updates or upgrades.  Additionally, if you have a concurrent user license of Surfer or Grapher, a connection with the internal network server must be maintained to access the software.  To maintain access to the software when not connected to the network, a license can be checked-out by following the steps below.

  1. Click the File | License Info or Help | License Info command.
  2. In the License Information dialog, click Check Out License.
  3. In the Days to Commute dialog, enter the number of days you will require the license without reconnecting to the server and then click OK.

Note: Licenses can be commuted for no more than 30 days and your system administrator can prohibit commuting.  After 30 days the seat will become available for use. 


Updated February 5, 2018

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