How do I set up my license server for Strater, Surfer and Grapher?

If you have a concurrent use license for Surfer, Grapher or Strater, you must set up a license server.  The license server will distribute concurrent license seats to the end users of the program.

There are three things you need to run a license server:

  1. A server/computer on the same network as the users of the programs. See What Are The System Requirements For Setting Up A License Server?
  2. Sentinel RMS License Manager installed on the license server.
  3. Golden Software License Administrator installed on the license server.

The license server can be a separate server computer or the same computer the software will be installed on. The Golden Software License Administrator is provided to aid in license activation and management.  Follow the steps below to set up a license server.

    1. Sign into the server computer as an administrator. 
    2. Download the Sentinel RMS License Manager Installer to a location on the server computer.
    3. Extract the ZIP file to a folder.
    4. Open the folder and double click on Setup.exe.
    5. Follow the prompts to complete the installation.
    6. Download the Golden Software License Administrator Installer to a location on the server computer.
    7. Double click on GS_License_Administrator_Installer_2_1.exe.
    8. Follow the prompts to complete the installation.

  1. Open the License Administrator.
  2. Select the Activate tab.
  3. Enter your Product Key and click Activate.
  4. Click Done when the Activation is complete message is displayed.

The server is now ready to distribute seats to end-users with the software installed on their computer.

Further information on the use of the License Administrator can be found at

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Updated March 13, 2019

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