Why is my Surfer/Grapher file conversion failing?

There are a few reasons that your Surfer/Grapher old file conversion is failing. The most common are:

  • The file is already new enough that it can be opened in Surfer 13/Grapher 12.
    Surfer 13 cannot open Surfer 6 and older files, and Grapher 12 cannot open Grapher 2 and older files, so if your Surfer file is Surfer 7 or newer or your Grapher file is Grapher 2 or newer, your file does not need to be converted to a newer file format in order to be opened in the current version of the program.

  • The SRF/GRF file does not have the associated data uploaded with it. 
    Old SRF files and all GRF files do not save the data internal to the file, so you will need to upload the data with the SRF/GRF file in order for the conversion to work properly. This upload should happen in the Import Options dialog for each SRF/GRF file, rather than in the general Browse box. For more information, see  How Can I Convert My Old Surfer/Grapher Files So I Can Open Them In Newer Versions?


Updated October 25, 2016

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