Resolve prompt for serial number every time Strater is opened

KB no longer maintained - Strater is a retired product. Golden Software retired products are still supported, but no longer receive new features or updates. Please contact with any questions.

If you are prompted for your serial number every time you open Strater, this is an indication that the serial number is not being saved to the registry. You must be logged in to the computer with Administrator rights and running the program as Administrator to save the serial number information to the registry.


If you cannot save this information to the registry, then the program may prompt you to enter the serial number and register the software each time you open it.


If you are not an administrator, you can resolve this by running the program once with administrator rights. To do this, right-click on the Strater icon or the strater.exe file, and select Run as administrator. You will be prompted for the administrator password, if needed. Enter the serial number, skip registration, and click Finish. Close Strater. The next time Strater is opened, the serial number prompt will not appear.


If Strater prompts you for the serial number when you open it every few days to every few weeks, this is an indication that the serial number you are entering is invalid. Check the CD sleeve or the download instructions to make sure you are not entering a typo. If this problem is recurring, please email the serial number to


Updated September 30, 2016

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