Can Strater Convert Degrees Minutes Seconds To Decimal Degrees?

Latitude and Longitude coordinates are often presented in degrees, minutes, and seconds, such as 39° 45' 30" (39 degrees, 45 minutes, 30 seconds). However, Strater can only plot values in decimal degrees. So, for example, 39° 45' is referred to as 39.75° in Strater. Strater does not currently have a way to do this conversion, and the conversion must be done manually. 

Converting from degrees, minutes, and seconds is actually quite easy. Consider the latitude value 39° 25' 30". This value needs to be converted to use it in Strater. There are 60 minutes in one degree and 3600 seconds in one degree. To convert minutes and seconds to decimal degrees, divide minutes by 60, divide seconds by 3600, and then add the results to obtain the decimal equivalent. Use the following formula to make the conversion:

Decimal degrees = Degrees + (Minutes/60) + (Seconds/3600)

For Example, to convert 39° 25' 30" to decimal degrees

  1. First, convert minutes and seconds to their degree equivalents and add the results
    25'/60 = 0.4167°
    30"/3600 = .0083°
    and 0.4167° + 0.0083° = 0.425°
  2. Then, add this number to the number of degrees.
    39° + 0.425° = 39.425°
  3. So, the final result is:
    39° 25' 30" = 39.425°

Once your coordinates are in decimal degrees, you can use the data in Strater. Please note that if you are going to work with the data in Strater, it is always recommended to convert your data so the units are proportional in the X, Y, and Z directions.

If you also have Surfer 14 or newer, this software has a direct DMS to Decimal Degrees tool that will save you some time!


Updated March 03, 2018

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