Grapher Version History

Official version history and changelog information for Grapher 13. 

Grapher 13.1.668 (19 March 2018)

  • Fixed a crash when trying to change the limits of a ternary plot
  • Fixed a crash when trying to delete cells in the Worksheet Manager while the mouse button was still being clicked to select them
  • Fixed a crash when setting Defaults for pie chart labels
  • Fixed a crash when replacing a fit curve with an RMA fit
  • Fixed a crash when exporting to vector PDF
  • Fixed an Internal Error when exporting to vector file formats with the “Use Graph Coordinates” option enabled
  • Fixed an Internal Error when loading a BNA file containing an ellipse with a bad radius
  • Fixed an issue where running a script that links unavailable axis properties caused the program to become unresponsive
  • Fixed an issue where printing cropped the right and bottom edge of the graph
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect positioning when running or recording a script
  • Fixed an issue where symbol size for classes reported via automation with ~0.02 error
  • Fixed an issue in Defaults where axes title properties had to be set twice
  • Fixed an incorrect import of a large CSV file separated with pipes (|) instead of commas (,)
  • Fixed an issue where ternary axis length could not be undone without first forcing the Property Manager page to refresh
  • Fixed an issue where importing a DXF file with a missing end silently aborts the import
  • Fixed an issue where creating a plot from the worksheet did not show the Graph Tools ribbon bar tab
  • Fixed an issue where pie/doughnut plot label background line style was not applied
  • Fixed an issue where Default axes and graph title properties were not being honored
  • Fixed an issue where wind chart became offset from axes when moved
  • Fixed an issue where partial offset axes were incorrectly shown at plot creation until redraw was forced, as by zooming
  • Fixed an issue where changing box fill properties for a graph title subtly shifted the graph
  • Fixed an issue where plot labels could not be formatted as date/time
  • Fixed an issue where axes titles could no longer be mass-edited
  • Fixed an issue with mesh lines displaying differently on a surface than in Grapher 12
  • Fixed an issue where axes titles displayed in a different position than in Grapher 12
  • Fixed an issue where text in a Grapher 7 file opened much larger and in a different location in Grapher 13
  • Fixed an issue where Foreground opacity of 0% resulted in an image fill still slightly visible
  • Fixed an issue where recording a script when exporting resulted in an Export2 line with empty parameters
  • Fixed an issue where recording a script while formatting tick labels with date/time formatting always set the DateTimeFormat to 0 (DateTimeFormat replaced by DateTimeString)
  • Fixed an issue with 3D step plots where only odd label frequency values were honored
  • Fixed an issue where exporting to SVG did not honor custom dashed lines
  • Fixed an issue where pie charts did not maintain the defined diameter
  • Fixed an issue where copy/pasting a floating bar chart resulted in an incorrect bounding box
  • Fixed an issue where the Property Manager needed to be redrawn to show the appropriate Angle width for a polar bar chart when the Direction column was changed
  • Fixed an issue where polar bar chart bars were drawn incorrectly when the radius axis minimum value was set to a negative value
  • Fixed an issue where polar bar chart bars disappeared if the data value was greater than the axis maximum value
  • Fixed an issue where undoing a limits or equation change for a function contour/surface map reverted the change in the Property Manager without changing the map
  • Fixed an issue where last label on an axis did not display if that value equaled the maximum axis value
  • Fixed an issue where moving files lists the XLSX sheet name twice in the Property Manager
  • Removed redundant “Use line color for symbol” option on the Line page in the Property Manager (option remains on the Symbol page)
  • Moved “Use plot line color for symbols” to Symbol page in Property Manager for polar plots
  • Improved functionality so redraw is avoided whenever possible
  • Added the ability to remember the Property Manager info area size between Grapher instances
  • Updated the classed scatter plot matrix.bas sample script

Grapher 13.0.629 (16 January 2018)

  • Grapher 13 released.


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  • 0
    Nicholas Fitzpatrick

    13.06.629 is the first version of Grapher 13?

    I was looking for the Grapher 12 versions as well.

  • 0
    Katie Yoder

    Hi Nicholas,

    Yes, Grapher 13.0.629 is the first release of Grapher 13.  The version history for Grapher 12 can be found in the article Grapher 12 Version History.



  • 0
    Nicholas Fitzpatrick

    Ah, it was the .629 that confused me.

    Whens 13.1 or something due? I have to widely install any 8.0

    Hmm, and why do our current versions all say they are 12.2.14 from October 2016 but report we already have the most recent version available when we go

    File/Online/Check for Update

    Seems there are many versions since 12.2!

  • 0
    Leslie McWhirter

    Hello Nicholas,

    We don't have an official release date for 13.1, but it should be sometime within the next month or so. 

    If Grapher is telling you there are no updates available when you click File | Online | Check for Update, it sounds like you're either not connected to the internet, something is blocking Grapher from connecting to the server to verify the version, or the Internet Update files that ship with Grapher are missing. In any case, you can manually download the most recent version from My Account and install it. Instructions for doing so can be found here: 



  • 0
    Nicholas Fitzpatrick

    Thanks for the reply.

    We are certainly on the Internt!

    I suppose might be files missing. Is there a packaging list?

    The report that comes back is  a Grapher pop-up message that says "No update Available - You already have the most recent version of Grapher installed on your stem); which is very explicit and surely should say something less if no actual check was done. This seems to have been leading us astray for months!

    Tried my account, but it says my last purchase was in 1998, and Ihave no products listed.

    Can you email me. We have a licence server these days, which is functioning fine.

  • 0
    Leslie McWhirter

    Hi Nicholas,

    The only valid license I see registered to you is a MapViewer license from 1998. I do not see any Grapher licenses registered to you. When you say you have a license server, does that mean you're using a concurrent license of Grapher 12? If so, you're likely eligible for a free upgrade to Grapher 13 per our maintenance program. To do so, see the Concurrent-use license section here:



  • 0
    Nicholas Fitzpatrick

    Why have you posted here instead of emailing me?  I don't have your email. And days have now been lost, because you simply posted here again.

    We need to resolve this.

    We have dozens of licences for Grapher and Surfer, many with my name attached, some dating back to pre-Windows versions.

    The newest licences are running using your network licence software (concurrent licensing) which we have been running since it was in beta.

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