Grapher Version History

Official version history and changelog information for Grapher.

Grapher 23.1.223 (March 12, 2024)

New Features and Improvements

  • Allow to import graphics files of different formats
  • Box Plot Axis: Add Scale to axis geometry options and Limit controls
  • Grouped Box Plot: Legend table to follow color method chosen


  • Automation: CloseAll method does not work as expected when "True" is used as input parameter
  • Axes: Incorrect rounding with Log10 axes
  • Crash exporting gpj file
  • Crash exporting to jpg
  • Crash on file import
  • Crash on txt file import
  • Crash when creating legend
  • Crash when linking axis limits
  • Crash when opening a DXF as a data file
  • Discontinuous Plot Issue from Recent Grapher Update
  • DXF Import: objects are read as paper space, but in map units
  • Error opening file: Locked in another program
  • Grouped Box Plot: Category variable pulls from original worksheet after new worksheet is loaded
  • Import: DXF: text imports ^M and ^J as text instead of carriage return and line feed
  • Internal Error changing a vertical bar chart to horizontal
  • Internal Error exporting graph to PDF
  • Internal Error pasting data copied from Excel into worksheet
  • Internal Error when adding custom fit
  • Internal Error when trying to load data with variety of cell formats
  • Internal Error when trying to print
  • Internal error with module 'ioDatu'
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