Surfer Version History

Official version history and changelog information for Surfer 16. 

Surfer 16.2.375 (February 6, 2019)

New Features/Improvements:

  • Attribute Table: Added the Query Objects command in the toolbar
  • Attribute Table: Copy the entire table without having to hold down select button
  • Attribute Table: Export to data/database file (e.g. CSV, DAT, DBF, TXT, XLSX)
  • Attribute Table: Find/Replace
  • Attribute Table: Make it easier to select and copy non-adjacent cells/rows
  • Base Layer: Added the Query Objects and Open Attribute Table commands to the right-click context menu when in Edit mode
  • Add the Duplicate and Move/Copy commands to the right-click context menu
  • Export: Automatically use map scaling source for export when base layer is in edit mode
  • Increase the size of the text in Digitized Coordinates dialog when using a high resolution monitor
  • Map Wizard: Make Browse its own button
  • Query dialog: Make modeless so you can access other commands/dialogs (e.g. the Attribute Table) when it is open


  • Map Wizard: Choosing text columns for data files leaves you stuck on second dialog with no indication of what's wrong
  • Internal Error when create 3D view (geometryconverter.cpp)
  • Color Relief: Reflectance color data min/max goes to grid min/max when reload grid
  • Internal Error when exporting to .raw file with the header size set to a non-zero number (bufferedfile.cpp)
  • Watershed: Changing the grid and then Undo doesn't revert the Threshold value
  • Watershed: Properties doesn't clear the Pour point file field if selected file is invalid
  • Grid Editor: Improper Argument error when saving in ADF format
  • Options: Rectangle must fully surround: Unchecked doesn't have any effect
  • Internal Error in the worksheet when attempting to import data past its end

Surfer 16.1.350 (December 13, 2018)

New Features/Improvements:

  • Improvements in user interface display when using high resolution monitors (e.g. increase size of icons, reshape nodes, checkboxes, etc)
  • JPG import: image is imported at original rotation after editing in an image editor
  • Colormap Editor: Recalculate histogram based on specified Data min and max values
  • 3D View: vertical exaggeration: adjust formatting so entire value can be displayed
  • Hyperlink objects to a file or URL
  • Attribute Table: copy and paste multiple attribute values from Excel into the Attribute Table
  • Transform: add function SIGN(Arg)


  • Color scale bar does not update when click Apply from Colormap Editor
  • Grid from Contours: Doesn't show contour source when Browse
  • Drawn objects: Changes to Fill properties do not immediately apply
  • Internal Error when close the 3D view (propertymanager.cpp)
  • Colormap Editor: Stretch says it's Equalize when it's not
  • Internal Error when trying to create a 3D view (layernode.cpp)
  • Crash when throwing "Too many pour points" error in watershed map
  • Crash in grid contours dialog
  • Crash when editing colors in the 3D View
  • Crash with Grid from Contours
  • Internal Error when selecting the Z column for Classed Post (databins.cpp)
  • Internal Error in 3D view (statepresenter.cpp)
  • Crash when selecting grid to use with Grid Mosaic
  • Crash in Map Wizard when selecting data
  • Axes: turning off/on needs refresh
  • Classed Post: Classes for Map: properties aren't applied until refresh
  • Internal Error when checking to create water level in 3D View before visualization is completely loaded (statepresenter.cpp)
  • 3D View: vertical exaggeration increases when Map is turned off in plot view
  • Watershed map disappears after getting "too many pour points" error
  • Internal Error when opening S9 SRF file (axisnode.cpp)
  • Internal Error when closing a plot view containing a profile node (axisnode.cpp)
  • Crash when closing windows (mfc140u.dll)
  • Grid Wizard/Mosaic/GridContours: copy geometry from: browse and then cancel goes back to None instead of last selection
  • Internal error while importing a TIFF file (trlattice.cpp)
  • Internal Error when importing DXF file (TrGraphics.cpp)
  • Internal Error when loading a PLY file with bad node data
  • Automation: VectorLegend: LabelFont and LabelFormat are not applied
  • Automation: Internal Error from SetMapFrame when there is only a single map frame
  • Grid Data Advanced Options: dialog says Inverse Distance Parameters instead of Data Metrics
  • Draw posted points even when outside the viewable window
  • Surfer 16 user with expired beta trial license is not given option to enter a new PK
  • Error importing DEM file
  • PDFv Export: dashes touching in wide lines (line looks solid)
  • Crash when closing 'A license must be activated to continue.' error and modal window is present (surfer.cpp)

Surfer 16.0.330 (November 7, 2018)

  • First released version of Surfer 16


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