Surfer Version History

Official version history and changelog information for Surfer 15. 

Surfer 15.5.382 (June 7, 2018)

New Features/Improvements

  • ESRI Personal Geodatabase (*.MDB) import
  • Choose whether or not to export NoData values when saving grid files as DAT XYZ
  • Ribbon: Home page: Help group was added
  • Color Scale (Continuous): "Labels per Decade" should be set to All by default when using logarithmic scaling
  • Updated LAS/LAZ import libraries
  • Grid Slice: Make it more discoverable to export just a BLN with no DAT (or vice versa)
  • Add the coordinate system EPSG 2169 (Luxembourg)


  • Enhanced Metafile (not broken) gets smaller and bigger as you free rotate
  • PDF imports blank page if converter plug-in fails
  • Internal Error when Undoing coordinate system (polygonnode.cpp)
  • Internal Error when playing fly-through (grid.cpp)
  • Base map: Position field for point is reported incorrectly in Properties when map is in projected coordinates
  • Crash when maximizing Surfer from Taskbar
  • Internal Error when importing DXF file (TrGraphics.cpp)
  • Point sample: only bottom post layer in map is being used
  • Wizard Grid Data: log transform is performed after every preview until error occurs
  • Maps with geotransform open empty in previous versions
  • Error when opening an SRF file (plotdoc.cpp)
  • Internal Error when exporting filled contour layer to GSB file (TrGraphics.cpp)
  • Crash in comctl32.dll when editing properties
  • Automation: contour levels are not refreshing
  • Automation: Bad index opening documents from Welcome dialog
  • Georeference Image: Incorrect output when using lat/long coordinates
  • Crash when reloading data
  • Automation: LiDAR import ignores classification
  • Base Map: TIFF file with compression mode 7 (jpeg) and 4 samples per pixel imports as blank base map
  • LAS Export: LAS files saved from Surfer can't be opened in ArcGIS
  • Can't import BigTIFF file format (was file read failed, tries to load as STK)
  • SHP Import: unable to import due to invalid shape type 4294967295
  • PDF vector import: raster and vector layers don't overlay
  • Internal Error when adding a base layer from server (stratosview.cpp)

Surfer 15.4.354 (April 10, 2018)

New Features/Improvements

  • PDF vector Import: select which layers from PDF to import
  • Grid Editor: Zoom Rectangle
  • Replaced outdated "Browse for Folder" dialog under File | Options
  • Replace outdated Open, Save, Grid Info icons in Properties window
  • Post Maps: issue warning that you'll lose custom label edits when changing the Map coordinate system
  • SHP Import: add support for multipatch objects


  • 3D View: Properties window title doesn't update with correct surface
  • 3D View: surface background reappears after map edits
  • 3D View: Zoom In with mouse wheel or Realtime gets 'stuck'
  • Assign Coordinate system dialog does not cancel properly
  • BNA Import: Internal error when ellipse object in BNA file has bad radius
  • Cancelling of map coordinate system changes still changes the coordinate system in map
  • Color relief base layer disappears when tilting a layered, projected map
  • Crash in StratosView.cpp when creating 3D view from wireframe and video driver is missing a required feature
  • Crash when adding a viewshed layer
  • Crash when creating 3D view from files with very large (or very small) extents
  • Crash when creating a watershed layer
  • Crash when creating contour map
  • Crash when cross-validating during gridding
  • Crash when saving an old SRF file in the new format (SceneNodeSerializeProxy.cpp)
  • DMS to DD: error when decimal separator is a comma
  • DXF Import: Aborts import with no message when end of DXF file is missing
  • Error using NTV2 datum to reproject a NAD27 map to NAD83
  • Error when loading variogram "vector <T> too long"
  • File | Export: exporting BLN with reversed axis has incorrect coordinates
  • Georeference Image: calibration points should display in the dialog
  • Grid Assign NoData: unable to blank a grid properly with a drawn complex polygon in a base layer
  • Grid Editor Contents window gets out of sync after close/open cycle.
  • Grid Editor: Brush size can be incorrect
  • Import PLY: no known objects error
  • Internal Error after changing coordinate system (Axis.cpp)
  • Internal Error in CoordinateSystem.cpp when opening point cloud layer data
  • Internal Error when creating a profile (GraphNode.cpp)
  • Internal Error when opening DAT file (TrLattice.cpp)
  • Internal Error when opening SRF file (File Units.cpp)
  • PDF Import: Raster images from some PDF files are skewed/scrambled when using "alternate rasterizer plug-in" option (aka the GDAL raster option)
  • PDF vector import: Don't import objects outside the PDF mediabox
  • PRJ for Fiji Map loads ellipsoid as Naval Weapons Lab instead of WGS 1972
  • Recurring 'too many levels' error when switching contour map sources with different grids
  • Residuals: "Residuals" header is being entered as Z for blanked node

Surfer 15.3.307 (January 24, 2018)


  • TIFF Import: custom blanking/nodata value not recognized at/near limits
  • Corrected a problem introduced in 15.2 where the Contents and Properties were not displayed correctly in the 3D view

Surfer 15.2.305 (January 23, 2018)

New Features/Improvements

  • Added support for NOAA polar stereographic projections
  • Multithreading: added an option to limit the number of processors used


  • Image Export: Surfer freezes after export of a large image file
  • GeoTIFF with north polar stereographic projection importing as "unreferenced"
  • Export KMZ: Error exporting large Color Relief maps to KMZ
  • Double precision Fortran numbers no longer recognized as numeric
  • Download Online Maps: Geoportale Nazionale WMS servers not recognized as valid
  • LAZ open: silently quits
  • SHP Import: Keep partial import if invalid shape type is encountered partway into a shapefile
  • Plot View: Empty Contents pane
  • SRF file size: setting coordinate system increases file size significantly
  • Base Map (raster): image loses resolution when change limits
  • Internal Error when opening an SRF file in module Stratos (LinearRelativeToSurface.cpp)
  • Map Wizard: Gridding page: Internal Error when gridding insufficient data with Z transform set to Log
  • Crash when saving a file that contains a 3D view with a flight path, after the grid was deleted
  • Internal Error when after copying (SceneNodeSerializeProxy.cpp)
  • Slow redraw with large raster base map and geotransform
  • Internal Error when setting symbology to Unclassed Colors (ColorMap.cpp)
  • Crash when Reload Map Data with open base layer group
  • Internal Error when opening Surfer 7 file (Archive.cpp)
  • Download Online Maps: image is invisible after converting from lat/lon to Polyconic
  • Grid Info in the Open Grid dialog shows incorrect X and Y max values

Surfer 15.1.285 (December 13, 2017)

  • 3D View: color relief only displays color when base layer exists
  • 3D View: Fly-Through: Crash when record (iyuv_32.dll)
  • 3D View: Internal Error when previewing flight in KeyFrame.cpp
  • 3D View: Internal Error while Panning (ZoomingTrackball.cpp)
  • 3D View: Vertical Exaggeration: the slider isn't sliding to appropriate values with geotransform
  • Base Symbology: Classed Symbols: clicking Apply reverses the color when Min=Max
  • Contour Levels: Unable to set maximum contour equal to minimum contour and vice versa
  • Crash when adding/editing watershed layer to S14 SRF file in S15
  • Crash when disk is full while exporting to a PNG file (ntdll.dll)
  • Crash when export to KMZ file (ioKmlu)
  • Crash when importing TIF files with bad field counts in IFD headers
  • Crash when move post label after undo (Surfer.exe)
  • Crash when saving SRF file with profile after loading TIF (surfer.exe)
  • Crash when trying to group 3D surface in StratosView.cpp
  • Export PDF raster: page size in cm is exported in inches (but using cm values)
  • Georeference Image: unending error (Coordinate system conversion cannot be completed. Unable to compute matrix for the given control point set.)
  • GPX: import gives error "not well-formed (invalid token)" and doesn't load
  • Import KML/KMZ: transparent PNG doesn't import as transparent
  • Import uses a different format if one was previously selected
  • Internal Error after georeferencing an image in Axis.cpp (KERNELBASE.dll)
  • Internal Error after georeferencing an image in GeoreferenceGridView.cpp (KERNELBASE.dll)
  • Internal Error after using Reload Data on base from data layer
  • Internal Error in General Polygon Clipping Library while editing contour labels
  • Internal Error or crash when loading XLSX file from floating properties window in PropWin.cpp
  • Internal Error when deleting 3D surface map used to create 3D view (StratosStateManager.cpp)
  • Internal Error when georeferencing an image in GeoreferenceDoc.cpp (KERNELBASE.dll)
  • Internal Error when gridding a grid in UiFileOpen.cpp (KERNELBASE.dll)
  • Internal Error when internal filter index is zero in FileDialog.cpp
  • Internal Error when opening an SRF file with point cloud layers w/out the LAS/LAZ file
  • Internal Error when opening S9 SRF file in ReliefLayerNode.cpp
  • Internal Error when saving a S14 SRF file with a watershed layer in S15 (SceneNodeSerializeProxy.cpp, KERNELBASE.dll)
  • Internal Error when saving an SRF with profile but no map in SceneNodeSerializeProxy.cpp
  • Internal Error: when adding a point cloud layer to an existing point cloud/3D view (MapFrameNode.cpp)
  • Open Grid goes to directory above the last directory accessed (Info, Volume, Project, Point Sample)
  • PDF import filter won't open files with Unicode characters in the name
  • Post Map: leader line is not connected to label bounding box when increase width
  • Post map: leader points in wrong direction when small labels get too close to symbol
  • Text Editor: Fraction template line is shifted
  • VirtualBox Crash creating 3D view from any map
  • Worksheet: Crash when Undo and Redo while editing a cell
  • Worksheet Transform: Wrong result from calculation

Surfer 15.0.263 (November 7, 2017)

  • First released version of Surfer 15


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