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The first step to creating stunning visualizations is to find or gather quality data.  Surfer's download online maps feature makes this a little easier by enabling direct downloads from online web servers (WMS, WFS, OSM, WCS, and XYZ Tiles).  A few of the most reliable servers are predefined in the software.  Additional servers that our team and customers have recommended are provided below.


If you have a favorite server, please share it in the comments!

Recommended XYZ Tiles Servers (Surfer Beta v28 only)

For more recommended XYZ Tiles servers, please contact our customer success team.

Name URL Type



XYZ Tiles

ArcGIS World Imagery


XYZ Tiles

OSM (Germany)


XYZ Tiles

OSM (France)


XYZ Tiles

HOT Style


XYZ Tiles



XYZ Tiles



XYZ Tiles


Recommended WMS Servers

Name URL Type


WMS Ortofoto de la Desembocadura del Río Guadiana
Algarve-Andalucía: Spain

http://www.juntadeandalucia.es/medioambiente/mapwms/REDIAM_Ortofoto_Guadiana_InterregII_2000 WMS
United States
US Aquifers http://gstore.unm.edu/apps/rgis/datasets/3205beb6-3406-4293-adef-a59ff0575965/services/ogc/wms?SERVICE=wms&REQUEST=GetCapabilities&VERSION=1.1.1 WMS
New Mexico Public Use Airports http://gstore.unm.edu/apps/rgis/datasets/7387537d-dff6-48d1-9004-4f089f48dea1/services/ogc/wms?SERVICE=wms&REQUEST=GetCapabilities&VERSION=1.1.1 WMS
New Mexico Roads http://gstore.unm.edu/apps/rgis/datasets/ab17adb4-0992-436b-8ae4-575d8405d188/services/ogc/wms?SERVICE=wms&REQUEST=GetCapabilities&VERSION=1.1.1 WMS
New Mexico School Districts http://gstore.unm.edu/apps/rgis/datasets/b4ae8f53-8dff-46bb-9058-e5501cabdd1b/services/ogc/wms?SERVICE=wms&REQUEST=GetCapabilities&VERSION=1.1.1 WMS
North Dakota USACE Land http://ndgishub.nd.gov/arcgis/services/All_GovtLands_Federal/MapServer/WMSServer? WMS
North Dakota DEM NED 10m  http://ndgishub.nd.gov/arcgis/services/All_Elevation/MapServer/WMSServer? WMS
North Dakota State Plane Coordinate System http://ndgishub.nd.gov/arcgis/services/All_GeographicReference/MapServer/WMSServer? WMS


Please note that these servers can go up and down with some frequency.  This may result in only certain layers working or the entire map source giving an error.  If the server has been moved and you find updated information we have not yet posted, please email the information to: wms@goldensoftware.com so that this resource remains as helpful as possible for everyone.


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  • Hi, I want to use data from the French Geographical Institute (IGN). Server can be accessed in wms format with an URL containing a user specific key. The server is recognized by Surfer, however the server is protected by a user login and password and I can't find where to enter mine. Thus  there is a "!" in front of each layer and in the map window (which is blank), when you click the "!" it says : "The remote server returned an error: (401) unauthorized access".

    Is there a way to enter my credentials in Surfer to unlock WMS server access ?


  • Hi Thomas, 

    Typically, servers that require a key will have a specific way of adding that key to the server's URL. You might want to reach out to IGN to see if they can provide an example of how it can be added to the URL. In the meantime, I was able to find a page from IGN that you may find helpful: API keys and web services access rights. If you have more questions, please feel free to email our support team at support@goldensoftware.com


  • Hi, I've noticed that most canadian links are not valid. Also, the USGS Worldwide Topographic Base is not precise enough to get a good resolution in northen Canada (around lat. 48 and up for example which is not that north). Is there a WMS for satelite view with decent resolution? I've seen in other software this type of service such as this one : https://www.arcgis.com/home/item.html?id=10df2279f9684e4a9f6a7f08febac2a9

    Is there anything equivalent in Surfer?


    Olivier H.


  • Hi Olivier, 

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention! Seeing as WMS services go up and down often, we will be testing all of the links on this page and updating accordingly. In the meantime, you may find this link to the Natural Resources Canada Web Services helpful: 




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