How can I interpolate a subset of my data in Raster Tools?

This article describes how to work with a subset of your data.

It is not possible to use Raster Tools to subset a dataset; however there is already an easy way to do this in ArcMap. In ArcMap you can use the Feature Selection Tool and select the subset of the data by drawing a rectangle.

Raster Tools - Subset of the data

To create a new layer of the selected features, right-click on the layer that contains the points and choose Selection | Create Layer from Selected Features.

Raster Tools

When you run the Raster Tools interpolation Wizard, the new subset layer will be available in the Source Dataset drop-down menu.

Raster Tools _ Interpolation Wizard

When the Interpolation Wizard is complete, the raster dataset is added to the project.Final


Created April 12, 2016

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