How can I load multiple custom fill styles at once in Strater?

Many industries have standard fill patterns that must be used when plotting logs. An example of this is the Australia Coal Logging Standard. A BMP image for each fill pattern in the library can be downloaded here, and then these can be loaded with one operation into a single Strater gsstyle file. This file can then be sent to a coworker if you need to share these fill styles with others. To load multiple custom fill styles into one gsstyle file:


  1. Click Home | Display | Fill Style Manager.
  2. In the Fill Style Manager dialog, click the Import Image button.
  3. In the Convert Images to Fill Styles dialog, use the Ctrl/Shift keys to mass-select all of the image files you want to load.
  4. Click Open.
  5. In the Save As dialog, choose a file path for your output gsstyle file, give the file a name, and click Save.
  6. In the Style Manager dialog, click Yes if you want Strater to load this gsstyle file now, so the fill styles appear in the Fill Style Manager immediately. Click No if you don't want to load the gsstyle file now. If you click No, you can load this file at another time using the Load button in the Fill Style Manager.


Updated March 20, 2018

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