Will my Strater 4.1 serial number work with Strater 4.7?

For all Golden Software programs, the major version is the first number listed in the version number, such as the 4 in Strater 4.8. To get from an older major version (such as Strater 4) to a newer major version (such as Strater 5), you can upgrade for a discounted rate. The minor version number is listed after the major version number in the version number (such as 8 in Strater 4.8). You can update from an older minor version to the newest minor version for the same major version (i.e. to get from Strater 4.1 to Strater 4.8) for free using the Check for Update command within the program. A serial number will work for any minor versions of your major version, so your Strater 4.0 serial number will work for Strater 4.1, Strater 4.2, Strater 4.3, and so on up through Strater 4.8. Serial numbers do not work across multiple major versions though, so your Strater 4 serial number will not work in Strater 3 or Strater 5.


Updated July 14, 2016

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