I have large data files for my MapViewer maps. Is there any way to speed up the processing of information when making the map?

There are two ways you can improve the processing speed when making a map with a lot of data:
  • To optimize the speed of the worksheet data searching and calculation, one should sort the worksheet according to the PID column in ascending order before creating a map. The sorted worksheet helps MapViewer find a cell much faster. If the data are used repeatedly, it is a good idea to save the data after it is sorted. All worksheet files distributed with MapViewer are already sorted according to the first column.
  • Another factor that affects the speed of worksheet data searching and calculation is having unlinked data. You can remove the data rows not linked with the map (except the column header row) from the worksheet by using the Data | Edit | Delete Unlinked Data command in the worksheet window. If possible, also remove the boundaries not linked to worksheet data.


Updated March 13, 2018

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