Can Grapher create a graph from rows of data?

Grapher requires that data be in columns to create most plots. If your data is in rows, you can use Grapher's worksheet to quickly transpose rows to columns. If you would rather use the rows, please let us know and we will add your request for this feature to our suggestion list.


To transpose data in Grapher:

  1. Click the File | Open command.
  2. Select the worksheet and click Open.
  3. Click the left mouse button and select the first cell.
  4. Hold down the left mouse button and highlight all of the cells that should be transposed.

Highlight the portion of the worksheet that should be flipped.

  1. Click the Data Tools | Data | Transpose command. The columns become rows and the rows become columns.

The worksheet updates with the flipped data.


Updated December 08, 2017

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