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Adding a Legend to a Graph in Grapher

Legends provide details about each plot or graph in your project. The legend type you need for your plot depends on your plot type and the information that needs to be defined.



Legend Displays information about each plot in one graph (including the slices in pie or doughnut charts)
Multi-graph Legend Displays information about all plots in all graphs on one page
Plot Legend Displays information about the classes in class plots (2D, XYZ, polar, ternary, piper), bubble size and color in bubble plots, or bins in wind charts
Color Table Legend  Displays information about fill colors defined in a color table
Symbol Table Legend  Displays information about symbols defined in a symbol table
Color Scale  Displays the values associated with colors applied via a colormap


Add a legend

To add a legend to your graph:
  1. Click on the Graph or any plot in the graph to select it.
  2. Click the Graph Tools | Add to Graph | Graph Legend command. A default legend displaying all plots is added to the graph.

The default legend is added to the graph,
displaying all of the plots in the graph in the order the plots are drawn.


Add a multi-graph legend

A multi-graph legend can be added to collections of 2D or 3D plots.  To add a multi-graph legend to your project click Graph Tools | Add to Graph | Multi-Graph Legend.


Add a plot legend

To display a legend for classes, bubbles, bins, or other plots with more information:

  1. Select a plot type that can use a plot legend.
  2. Click the Graph Tools | Add to Graph | Plot Legend command.



Updated May 2023

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  • Let's say I have a fill between two plots, and I'd like to add the legend of that fill automatically rather than making a symbol with the same fill design and a text box. Is there a way to add a legend of a fill between two plots in Grapher? thanks.

  • Hi, Olivier 🙂️ 

    Thank you for your question! At present, Grapher does not offer the capability to include a fill in the legend. Nevertheless, a feature request has already been submitted for this specific enhancement, and I've cast a vote in support of your request. If you require any additional assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out!

    Customer Success Engineer


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