Set Defaults in Grapher

Grapher allows every part of the graph to be controlled and changed after it is created. Many of these same options can be set as the default for the plot type.

To set global default options, click the File | Options command. On the left side of the dialog, click on Line, Fill, Symbol, Font, or Digitize Format. Set the desired options on the right side of the dialog. Click OK and all future objects that have that property automatically use the format you specified.

Set the global defaults by clicking the File | Options command. In this example, the default line properties are changed so all future lines are blue, 0.01 inches wide, with a .1 in. dash style, and a simple arrowhead at the end of the line.


To set properties for an individual object type, click the File | Defaults command. On the left side of the dialog, select the object type, such as Line Type Plots. On the right side of the dialog, set any property listed, such as the symbol, clipping, or to always include fill. After making any changes, click OK to save the change.

Set plot specific options by clicking the File | Defaults command. In this example, the Line Plot is selected and the symbol properties have been changed. All future line plots will contain a 0.15 inch square blue symbol at each data point in the worksheet.


Updated May 2023

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