How can I smooth or add points to a Grapher line/scatter plot?

Grapher offers a direct spline smoothing tool for line plots. 
  1. Select the Line/Scatter Plot in the Object Manager
  2. In the Property Manager, select the Line tab.
  3. Check the Smooth line box
  4. If desired, increase or decrease the Smooth tension field to adjust the amount of smoothing  (a higher Smooth tension setting will result in a less smooth line).
Grapher 13 and previous:
There is not a direct way to smooth a line in Grapher, but there is a workaround. You can add a spline smoothing fit curve to the plot, and then either turn off the visibility of the original plot, or export the fit curve data. You can use then plot the fit curve data. 


To add a spline smoothing fit curve: 

  1. Select the Line/Scatter Plot.
  2. On the Plot page of the Property Manager, click the Add/Edit button next to Fit curve.
  3. In the Fits dialog, select Spline smoothing from the Available fits dropdown list.
  4. Click Add.
  5. Click OK.
  6. If necessary, select the Fit curve and adjust the Spline tension factor and/or Number of points in the Property Manager.
  7. If desired, uncheck the Line/Scatter Plot in the Object Manager to make it invisible.
  8. To export the fit data, select the Fit, and click the Graph Tools | Plot Tools | Export Data command.


Updated March 7, 2019

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    It is understandable, but it would be better to have explicit a smoothing option.

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    Leslie McWhirter

    Hi Konstantin,

    Thanks for your feedback! I've added your vote to our suggestion file for the ability to smooth a line plot.



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    Thanks, Leslie....

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