How do I create a 3D graph in Grapher that contains wall projections (crossplots)?

To create a 3D graph with projections on the walls of the graph:
  1. Create the 3D graph first by clicking the Graphs | Create | Basic | 3D XYZ Plot command (3D XYZ Plot icon).
  2. Select the XYZ data file. This file should have three columns of numeric or date/time data. Click Open.
  3. Make any changes to the graph, as desired.
    Add 3D wall projections to your 3D graph
    Create the base 3D graph with any properties you want.

  4. Click on the XYZ Line/Scatter Plot 1 in the Object Manager to select it.
  5. In the Property Manager, click on the 3D Settings tab.
  6. Check the box next to the various wall projection you want to add to the graph. The Back projection adds a line that compares the X and Y values. The Side projection adds a line that compares the Z and Y values. The Bottom projection adds aline that compares the X and Z values. Multiple projection lines can appear on the same graph.
  7. Click the + next to the Projection line properties to set the line style, color, opacity, and width for the projection. All projection lines have the same properties.


The final graph shows the projections on the appropriate walls.

Add 3D wall projections to your 3D graph

Display 3D wall projections on your graph, comparing only two of the variables.


Updated September 30, 2016

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