How can I print the graph to only one page in Grapher?

Grapher graphs are sized according to the axis lengths. If the graph is too large to fit on a single printed page, the axis lengths can be adjusted. Alternatively, the printing method can be changed to fit all of the contents in the Grapher window to a single page. To do so:


  1. Click File | Print.
  2. In the Print dialog, change the printer in the Name field, if desired.
  3. Toggle Fit to Page in the Printing Method section. This fits all of the contents in the plot window to a single page in size.
  4. Click OK and the graph is printed.


Note that this method only scales the graph down to a single page from multiple pages. It does not scale the graph up. See How can I print the graph to multiple pages in Grapher? to increase the graph size.


Updated October 2, 2018

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