Why are there numbers for the Grapher axis labels when there should be dates?

In Grapher, the first two columns of numeric data are automatically used for the X and Y values. If the data contains recognized date formats, the axes are automatically formatted for date labels. If the data contains recognized numeric format, the axes are automatically formatted for numbers. Most of the time, when you change the X or Y columns, the axis formatting changes to the appropriate date/time or numbers, respectively.


Sometimes when you add a plot to an existing graph, these default settings for the new plot will change the axis to incorrectly show numbers instead of dates.


If the axis is showing numbers and you want to show date or time labels, the axis can be manually changed. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Click once on the axis to select it.
  2. In the Property Manager, click on the Labels tab.
  3. In the General section, check the box next to the Use date/time format option.

Check the Use date/time format box to use date/time labels.


Updated October 05, 2018

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