When I copy/paste from Grapher to Word, the results are fuzzy. How can I fix this?

When copying from Grapher to another program, the default is to use the embedded Grapher format for the paste. This allows you to double-click on the graph in the other program and make edits in Grapher. Many programs convert the pasted graph into a metafile (WMF or EMF). Depending on many factors, the image may not appear crisp in the other program. There are several things you can do to improve this.
  1. Upgrade to Grapher 13. Grapher 13 dramatically improved the resolution when copy/pasting to a metafile format.
  2. Copy the graph from Grapher, as normal. When pasting, select the program's Paste Special option. Paste as an Image or Device Independent Bitmap.
  3. Export the graph using the File | Export command. Recommended formats include BMP, PNG, TIF, or EMF. Insert the exported file into your other program.


Updated September 26, 2018

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