Error when run Grapher script "ActiveX Automation: server cannot create object"

This article describes why you may get an "ActiveX Automation: server cannot create object" error when running a Grapher script.

There are a few reasons why you could be getting this error:

  1. The most common cause of this error message is either that Grapher has not been opened interactively at least once before the script was run, or that Grapher needs to be opened as an administrator. Grapher must be opened as administrator interactively at least once to complete the installation process before you can use Grapher with a script or call it from another program. Please right-click over the Grapher shortcut or desktop icon and click Run as administrator. The Grapher program opens, you may need to enter the serial number, and then close it. Then try to run the script or call it from another program. 
  2. The error message may indicate that Grapher has not been installed correctly.  You can try repairing the Grapher installation, making sure to open Grapher at the end of the repair, and then attempting to run the script again. 
  3. If you are using Grapher under Windows Vista/7/8/10, try opening Scripter as administrator. This is different than logging into the computer as administrator. Right click over the Scripter EXE file, desktop shortcut, or link under the Programs menu and click Run as administrator to run it in administrator mode. Once Scripter is opened in administrator mode, then open the script and run it.
  4. If you are running another program that calls Grapher via automation, try running that other program as administrator. Right-click over that program's shortcut or desktop icon and click Run as administrator. Then perform the actions in that program to call Grapher.

  5. If that also doesn’t help, and you are using Windows Vista/7/8/10, you can try turning the UAC (User Account Control) off via the Control Panel | User Accounts. You will need to reboot after UAC is turned off.
  6. Be sure that Grapher was installed either directly on the workstation it is being called from, or from the workstation to a network location. If it was installed directly on the network server, it cannot be called via automation from a workstation because the necessary registry items are not created on the workstation. If this is the case, you will need to talk to your IT personnel to get Grapher installed on your local workstation so you can call it via automation.

Updated July 20, 2016

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