My Grapher bar charts are stacked, even though I set them to Adjacent. Why?

Grapher allows multiple variable bar charts to be stacked, adjacent, or a combination of stacked and adjacent. To change the display, you can set the Stacking option and the options on the Bar Chart Groups tab. If changing the Stacking option does not change the graph's display, you may need to check these items:


  1. Check to see if the bars are in the same graph. In the Object Manager, are the bars in the same graph or in separate graphs? If the bars are in separate graphs, they are not spatially related to each other and cannot be stacked. If the bars are in separate graphs,
    1. Click on one Bar Chart 1.
    2. Hold down the mouse button.
    3. Drag it to the other Graph object.

Object Manager with two Graph objects and Object Manager with single Graph object.
In the Object Manager on the left, the two bar charts are in separate
Graph objects. They cannot be stacked. In the Object Manager on the
right, the two bar charts are in the same
Graph. They can be stacked.

  1. If the bars are in the same Graph object, check to see if the bars are in the same Bar Chart Group.
    1. Click on either Bar Chart object.
    2. In the Property Manager, click on the Bar Groups tab.
    3. If there is no Group 1 section, click the Add button next to the Add group field.
    4. In the Group 1 section, if only one bar chart is checked, check the other bar chart name.
    5. If you cannot check the bar chart name, click the Group 1 text next to Groups. Select Group 2 from the list.
    6. Click the Delete button next to Delete group to delete the second bar chart group.
    7. Check the unchecked bar chart in the Group 1 section.
    8. Click on the Plot tab.
    9. Change the Stacking option to Adjacent.


Updated November 17, 2017

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