Add a Border or Frame Around My Graph in Grapher

You can create a border or frame for your graph by adding a background, or by inserting a shape object. The method you use depends on where you want to place your border.

Add a border by adding a plot background

The first method uses a graph background to add a box right at the edges of the axes. To add the graph background:

  1. Click on the Graph object in the Object Manager to select the graph.
  2. In the Property Manager, click on the Line tab.
  3. Change the Style in the Background Line section to a solid line.
  4. Change the Color in the Background Line section, if desired. The line is now displayed at the edge of the graph.

A bar chart in Grapher displayed with a graph background.Image of a bar chart with a graph background line.

To fill the box:

  1. Click the Fill tab.
  2. Change the Pattern to the desired fill pattern.
  3. Change the Foreground color to the desired color.

Grapher bar chart with filled graph background. Image of a bar chart with a solid filled graph background.


Add a frame to your graph by drawing a rectangle

    1. Click the Home | Draw | Area | Rectangle command in the ribbon.
    2. Click on the top left corner where the box should be located.
    3. Hold down the left mouse button and drag the rectangle to the desired size.
    4. Release the left mouse button and the rectangle is added.
    5. Press ESC on the keyboard to end drawing mode.

Grapher bar chart with rectangle box around graph. This graph shows bar charts and a drawn rectangle around the graph.


To change the line or fill properties, click on the Rectangle 1 in the Object Manager. If you fill the rectangle, you will likely want to click the Layout | Move | To Back command to place it behind the graph.

Grapher bar chart with filled rectangle box around graph. This graph shows bar charts and a filled rectangle around the graph.



Updated May 2023

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