Where did my Surfer fonts go?

Q. All the symbols I previously used have disappeared. I had GSI default symbols, north arrows and many other very useful font faces. Now they have all gone. Do you know what might have happened and how I can reinstate them?


A. It sounds like the GSI fonts did not install properly on your system, or they were somehow removed. To install or reinstall the fonts on your computer:

  1. Close any running Golden Software program.
  2. Download the attached file and extract the TTF files.
  3. Copy the TTF files to your Windows Fonts directory, C:\Windows\Fonts (you may need Administrator rights to install them).
  4. Once the files are extracted to this directory, Windows should automatically install them for use with your programs. If your computer says the fonts are already installed and asks if you want to replace them, click Yes.
  5. Open Surfer and the GSI fonts should be listed as an available Font or Symbol set.


Updated October 29, 2018

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