In Surfer, when I click to add a new base layer from a server, why are the lat/long extents sometimes automatically entered and other times not?

In the Download Online Maps dialog, the Lat/Long extents are automatically entered for the existing map only if the map you are adding to has a coordinate system already specified.

For example, if you have a map already created:

  1. Select Map in the Contents window.
  2. Click the Coordinate System tab in the Properties window. Note if there is a coordinate system defined for the map or not.
  3. Click Home | Add to Map | Layer | Base from Server.
  4. In the Download Online Maps dialog, under Select Area to Download, the default option depends if a coordinate system was defined for the original map or not.
    1. If there was a coordinate system, then Specify Latitude/Longitude extents option is selected by default and the current map extents are automatically entered.
    2. If no coordinate system was defined for the map, then Entire data source extents is selected by default.


Updated November 12, 2018

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