Why doesn't Surfer recognize my date/time data as date/times?

When a data file is created in another program with dates and times in it, Surfer will only recognize the data as dates and times if the data is either:

  1. In an Excel file (XLS, XLSX, XLSM) and the cells are actually formatted as dates and times (not as Text, General or Number).
  2. OR, if the data is in a text file format (like TXT, CSV, DAT), and the date / time data is in one of the standard U.S. Excel date and time formats, such as mm/dd/yy. If the format in the text file is not a U.S. Excel date/time standard format, the data will be imported into Surfer as text, and then you can’t use it as real data.

As long as the date/time data is formatted to fulfill one of the above requirements, you can use it to create grid files or create post maps. You can set the label format Type to Date/time and then select the desired Date format and Time format.


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Surfer versions 11 and previous do not recognize dates and times as valid data. If you are using one of these versions, format the data as numeric data in Excel before using it in Surfer.


Updated October 23, 2017

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