After using the Measure tool in Surfer, can I keep the area displayed on my map?

Surfer can add the geometry created by the Measure Tool directly to the existing map as a new base layer or it can be added to an existing base layer. After measuring, in the Measure dialog, click Options | Save Geometry to Base Layer to add the polyline or polygon used for measurement to a new or existing base layer. After clicking Save Geometry to Base Layer the Destination Layer dialog is displayed.  Pick an existing layer, or type in a new layer name and press OK.


Saving the measurement geometry to a Base Layer in Surfer. 


Older versions of Surfer do not have this functionality. To achieve this effect, instead of using the Measure tool, you can add an empty base layer, enter the base group, and draw the boundary.

 To do this:

  1. Click Map | Add | Empty Base Layer. That will add the empty Base layer to the map frame.
  2. Right click over the Base layer and click Edit Group.
  3. Click Draw | Polygon and draw the polygon over the map.
  4. Right click over the Base layer and click Stop Editing Group.
  5. Select the polygon and click the Info tab in the Property Manager.
  6. Set the Coordinate System to Map. The perimeter length and area of the polygon is displayed.



Updated October 19, 2018


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