Can I stack my base map with a 3D map in Surfer, so that they have the same orientation, but are not overlaid?

If you don't want to drape a map over a 3D surface or wireframe, but would rather have it stacked with some offset above it, you can do this with the Map Tools | Map Tools | Stack Maps command.


To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Click Home | New Map | 3D Surface | 3D Surface or 3D Wireframe, select the grid file and click Open. This creates the 3D map in one map frame.
  2. Click Home | New Map | Base | Base, select the base map file and click Open. This loads the base map as a separate map frame.
  3. In the Contents window, select Map with the 3D map in it.
  4. In the Properties window, note the settings on the View and Scale pages. On the View page, it is recommended that the Projection is set to Orthographic.
  5. Now select Map with the base map in it. In the Properties window, enter the same settings on the View and Scale pages as those for the 3D map.
  6. Click and drag the base map up or down so the maps have the vertical separation that you want.
  7. Click CTRL+A to select both map frames, and click Map Tools | Map Tools | Stack Maps. This will align them horizontally according to their XY coordinates. See attached Surfer 12 file StackedMaps.srf for an example.


If you want to change the rotation of the stacked maps, you will need to change the settings for each map independently by clicking on each Map in the Contents window and changing the settings on the View page in the Properties window.


Updated November 2, 2018

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