Why would I need to use Surfer's Start Editing command?

The Start Editing command allows you to perform actions on items within a group or base layer. Such actions include:

  1. Using most of the commands under the Features menu. The Reshape command does not require you to be in edit mode.
  2. Querying objects in a base layer (Map Tools | Layer Tools | Query Objects).
  3. Selecting more than one object in a group or base layer at the same time.


All the functions mentioned above require a base layer to be in edit mode before use. Remember to stop editing the group before saving or exporting the file. For example, to add a polygon to a base layer:

  1. Select the Base(vector) layer in the Contents window.
  2. Click Features | Group | Start Editing.
  3. Click Features | Insert | Polygon and draw a polygon. The polygon is added as part of that base layer.
  4. Press ESC on your keyboard to exit drawing mode.
  5. Click Features | Group | Stop Editing.


Updated October 25, 2018

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