Can you convert my old Surfer files to open in newer versions of Surfer?

Surfer version 11 and above opens SRF files created in Surfer 7 and above. Surfer files created in versions 6 and prior are no longer supported and cannot be opened. If you attempt to open a Surfer 6 (or older) SRF file in Surfer 11 (or newer), you will get an error:


Surfer 5 and 6 SRF files are no longer supported by Surfer. To convert this file to a format that can be read, please open and resave it in either Surfer 7, 8, 9 or 10. For more information, please contact


To convert these old files so you can open them in newer versions of Surfer, email us the SRF files and any data files they use, and we will send you back the converted files. If the files are too large to email, please zip them and upload them here.


Updated February 13, 2019


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