Can you convert my old Surfer files to open in newer versions of Surfer?

Surfer version 11 and above opens *.SRF files created in Surfer 7 and above. Surfer files created in versions 6 and prior are no longer supported and cannot be opened. If you attempt to open a Surfer 6 (or older) SRF file in Surfer 11 (or newer), you will get an error:


Surfer 5 and 6 SRF files are no longer supported by Surfer. To convert this file to a format that can be read, please open and resave it in either Surfer 7, 8, 9 or 10. For more information, please contact


If you have SRF files from Surfer 6 (or older) that you wish to open in Surfer 11 (or above), you can use our free online file converter to convert them to a new format. This knowledge base article details how to perform the conversion: How can I convert my old Surfer/Grapher files so I can open them in newer versions?


Updated January 11, 2017


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