Can I save an SRF file in Surfer 8 (or 9, 10) format?

The current version of Surfer can save an SRF file back to Surfer version 11 by clicking File | Save As and choosing the appropriate Save as type document format. It cannot save to versions prior to version 11.


The only product that can save a file in the Surfer 8 SRF format, is Surfer 8. Similarly, the only product that can save in the Surfer 9 SRF format is Surfer 9, and the only product that can save in the Surfer 10 SRF format is Surfer 10.


If you are trying to save an SRF file to an SRF format older than Surfer 11 so you can send the file to another user who has that older version, some other options are:

  1. The other user could download and install the fully-functional, free 14-day trial. They could then open, view, and edit the SRF files.
  2. You can export the Surfer SRF file from your current version to a vector or raster file, and the other users could import the file into their older Surfer as a base map. The vector formats (DXF, GSI, MIF, SHP, etc.) may not look exactly the same, and the raster formats (JPG, TIF, BMP, etc.) are simply images that cannot be edited. Alternatively, you could copy and paste the maps into a Word document and send that to them.
  3. The other users could upgrade to the current version of Surfer. Surfer 15 can open SRF files from Surfer 7 and higher. It can also save back to the Surfer 11, Surfer 12, Surfer 13, and Surfer 14 SRF formats.


Updated September 12, 2017

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