How does Voxler handle units?


Voxler looks at units in the X, Y, and Z direction in a 1:1:1 ratio. This means no matter if your data is in latitude, longitude, feet, or meters, Voxler treats each unit as it if were the same. If your data uses a mix of units, this could result in an undesirable display.


To create meaningful models, I recommend converting all your data to one unit of measure. For example, if your well depths are measured in feet, but your well collars are measured in latitude and longitude, I recommend converting your latitude and longitude values to feet by converting to the State Plane coordinate system. If your depths are in meters, I recommend using UTM meters for your well collars data.


You can quickly and easily convert your latitude and longitude values to the coordinate system of your choice using Voxler's worksheet.


Updated February 26, 2018


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