What are the required fields for importing a collars table into Voxler 3?

In order to import well data into Voxler using the 3 table approach, specifically a collars table, directional survey table, and sample table; the tables need to have the necessary fields. The following fields are required in separate columns for a collars table:

  • Well ID/Well Name
  • Top Easting (X) Location
  • Top Northing (Y) Location
  • Top Elevation (Z) Location
  • Total Measured Depth
  • Azimuth and Dip are optional


When importing well data into Voxler, you can set the Mark fields for dropdown menu on the Select Data Columns dialog to Collars. This will put an astric next to all of the required fields for a collars table import.



Updated March 03, 2018

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