Can I edit the line properties of a SHP or DXF inside of Voxler?

It is not currently possible to edit the object properties (line width, line color, polygon fill patterns, etc) of a vector file (BLN, DXF, GSB, GSI, MIF, SHP, etc.) directly inside of Voxler. When a vector file is imported into Voxler, it is converted to IV file format; where the properties are static and not editable.


As a work around, Surfer or Didger can be used to edit the properties of the objects contained in a vector file and then the file can be exported to DXF format. The DXF format will retain all of the custom property changes for the objects when the file is exported from Surfer or Didger. All of the properties, excluding line width, line style, and fill patterns, will be retained when importing the DXF into Voxler. 


To export a customized base map from Didger 5 that contains the object customizations you can use the following steps:

  1. In Didger click File | Export.
  2. In the Export dialog, enter a name for the file next to File name.
  3. Change the Save as type to DXF AutoCAD Drawing (*.dxf).
  4. Click Save.
  5. In the Export Options dialog, select AutoCAD 2007 (or later).
  6. Make sure that All lines same color and All lines same style is unchecked.
  7. Click OK to export the file.


Now that a DXF file has been created with the desired customizations, it can be imported into Voxler by using the File | Import command. In the Import dialog, navigate to the DXF and click Open. The DXF file should import into Voxler and should display the objects with the customizations added in Didger or Surfer.


Updated March 8, 2018


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    Maria Whitehead

    I just tried this, and it works for colours, but the line width does not import into Voxler (I'm using ver 3). Any other tips? 

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    Drew Dudley

    Hi Maria,

    Thank you for posting your comment. Line widths and styles cannot be edited in Voxler. I have added a vote to our suggestion file, upon your behalf, for future versions of Voxler to support this type of functionality. 

    Please note that in Voxler 4, you can change the opacity, line width, and line color for a vector overlay; perhaps this would be enough property control for you? These controls are only available when the input vector file is overlaid on a HeightField module. If this sounds like something you can work with, you are most likely for an upgrade to Voxler 4 for $159  USD. Please see this article for the steps to purchase an upgrade. 




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