Add Vertical Exaggeration to Models in Voxler

KB no longer maintained - Voxler is a retired product. Golden Software retired products are still supported, but no longer receive new features or updates. Many of Voxler's features are moving to Surfer . Please contact with any questions.
There are two options to add vertical exaggeration to a model in Voxler. The first is to add it via the Viewer Window module and the second is to add it via a Transform module. See the differences in these two methods below.
Using the Viewer Window module: 
  1. Click the Viewer Window module in the Network Manager.
  2. In the Property Manager click the General tab
  3. Adjust the Vertical exaggeration value (shown in image below). 
Increasing the Vertical Exaggeration stretches or compresses the axes. This because the Vertical exaggeration control is stretching the entire screen graph display in the Z direction.  When the Vertical exaggeration is changed, it sets the ratio of X and Y scale over the Z scale.  Using this control is typically used for a quick view of a project that requires some vertical exaggeration or when the Axes modules are not necessary or not being displayed.  The stretching affect is shown below on the Z axis.

VE.png This image is sample file Helens (ContourMap).voxb with a vertical exaggeration of 5. (Found here: C:\Program Files\Golden Software\Voxler 4\Samples)


More information is available about the Vertical Exaggeration in Voxler's Help. If you would like to use axes and still use the effect of the Vertical Exaggeration, you will need to use a Transform module.


Using a Transform module:

The Transform module performs the scaling on the data instead of stretching the entire scene in the Z direction. The same project is shown below but is scaled using the Transform module instead of the Vertical exaggeration control; notice the difference in the way the Z axis is displayed.

The Transform module needs to appear before the Graphics output module and after the module that is being transformed. For the example below, the following steps were completed:

  1. Right click over the StHelens.grd module. 
  2. Click Computational | Transform. 
  3. Click the Transform module in the Network Manager and connect it to the HeightField module. 
  4. With the Transform module still selected, change the field in the Scale section on the Transform tab. 


Same file as above, this time with a Transform module where the Z Scale has been set to 5.


More information about using the Transform module can be found in Voxler's help.


Updated July 22, 2019

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