How can I filter out duplicate data points from my data in Voxler?

A DuplicateFilter module removes duplicate data points from a point data set. Duplicate data is defined as two or more data points that have nearly identical or identical X, Y, and Z coordinates. The DuplicateFilter has several options for determining which duplicate data point to keep. Once the DuplicateFilter is added, a ScatterPlot module or Gridder module can be attached to further render the data.

To add a DuplicateFilter in Voxler:

  1. In the Network Manager, right-click on the source data and choose Computational | DuplicateFilter.
  2. Select the DuplicateFilter in the Network Manager.
  3. In the Property Manager, click in the field next to Keep to determine which duplicate data to keep.
  4. In the Property Manager under Tolerance, the X , Y, and Z tolerance can be defined for duplicate points.


 Updated March 13, 2018

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